Friday, December 17, 2010

Why Americans should study abroad in Indonesia by Eliza Miller

From Eliza Miller's blog. She is exchange student from USA in Bandung, Indonesia, 2010-2011.

Eliza Miller's Blog


Why More Americans (than just me haha) should study abroad in Indonesia

1. The food is amazing!! Food in Bandung is tasty from what you get from street vendors to food in the Malls. Even McDonald's and KFC tastes better than the ones in the US. Fancy bakeries are also popular here, not to mention they are quite cheap. High-end steaks cost about $5 USD for local Indonesian beef and $8 USD for fancy imported Australian Beef.
2. There is so much to do. In Bandung there is a festival almost every weekend so you can't be bored. Plus, its ok that you can't drive because public transit its easy to find from taxi to Ojek to public transit buses.
3. No winter. Always a plus haha.
4. School has a much more relaxed feel than many other places in the world. My school even has a beautiful garden!
5. Its primarily Islamic. Americans would really benefit from learning about Islam since we are currently at war with Islamic extremists and its quite possible we will end up at war with Iran (also Muslim). Its important to realize not all Muslims are like the Taliban or the government in Iran, and Islam in Indonesia is about as far away from that as possible.
6. FREEDOOMM! You will find a greater degree of Freedom to go and do what in Indonesia than in similar countries like India. Indonesian parents aren't usually too overprotective so I've ended up having a lot of fun doing things with my friends, even only a month into my stay.
7. Easy language. The precursor to Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, was a trading language so it has very simple grammar. Indonesia was also a Dutch colony, which means they use our alphabet and even have quite a few English cognates. So you really only have to worry about is learning vocabulary and dealing with local-language-words and slang that pop up in conversation but not in your dictionary.
8. Its American Friendly! Indonesians greatly respect Americans, more so than Europeans. They are thrilled that Barack Obama lived in Indonesia and most Indonesians either dream of visiting the US, have already visited US or are planning on visiting the US. Its one of the most popular countries to go to on student exchange, partly because the US government gives scholarships to come. Native English speakers (especially Americans) are rare as well, so lots of people will love for you to give them English lessons.
9. Similar standards of fun. Indonesians and Americans like to have fun in the same ways. They go to the mall, play in arcades, go swimming, and (I've heard but haven't actually experienced since I live inland) like to surf. They may like to sing karaoke, which isn't too American, but they do it in a more American way—in a private room, which means no public humiliation. The only big difference is Americans like to stay out later. This hasn't really been much of a problem for me though.
10. Similar standards of modesty. Although Indonesians prefer pants over shorts, sleeves over sleeveless, one-pieces over bikinis, and public nudity is not something you will get arrested for, Indonesians and Americans are pretty similar in this area. You won't find yourself hiding your privates in a public bath where no one else seems to care, or peeing in a bathroom with a large window through which the world can see you like a friend in China has to. Nor will you get stoned for baring your arms or hair or wearing makeup. Indonesia is not Saudi Arabia: its personal choice to wear a head scarf or not and in fact, most Indonesian women do not.
11. Rich culture, but with the comforts of the west. Indonesia is not culturally conservative. They are willing to adopt aspects of other cultures that benefit them more than a lot of other cultures. As a result you can contact all your friends through facebook and on their blackberry while you are eating at KFC or pizza hut. Indonesians haven't lost their traditional culture either. Even in one of the biggest cities in Indonesia I see things like rice paddies, grazing cows, roosters, banana and Banana and Durian trees. I also have plenty of chances to learn traditional dance, instruments, arts and more. Not to mention Indonesians still wear traditional clothing along with western clothing, or a mix of the two, as batik is still considered more formal and even printed on western-style clothing.
12. Beauty. Despite the Pollution, ecological damage, and general dirt of Indonesia, it still has beautiful plants, scenery, mountains and anything else. Usually you only need to travel a little out of your way to see a beautifully unique Indonesian scene. Often Europe just looks a lot like the US :(.
13. This is the 4th largest country in the world and is rising economic power. I predict Indonesia is going to become a lot more important to world politics and economics in the future, so it will be important to know something about it. After all, Indonesia is no longer classified as a developing county.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

For you who accepted my as your family,
For you who take care of me as your son, your brother
For you who always makes me feels home
Never homesick or sad

           Thank you Mom
           Thank you for all your love
           For every message that ended by “love, me”
           For every love in your hug

Thank you Dad
Thank you for all your love
All your time that you waste for me
All the best time I spent with you

Jordon & Meg
Thank you Jordon
Thank you for all your care
Thank you for all your explanation for others
No one understand me than you do

Thank you Meg
Thank you for all attention that you gave to me
For every time that you spent when you’re busy
Even you just have a short time

           Family is a Sun
           Yes it is
           And love from family is a sunshine
           That always make you warm in every single step of your life

Family is an Air
You can’t live without it
It’s in every single breath that I take
It’s in every single cells in my body

           Family is like a Moon
           That always try to give light
           Even it is dark
           They always try to give the best that they can

I love you, I love you so much my family
Thank you for everythings that you gave to me
Thank you for time that you spent with me
Because nothing better in this world than family

for the lovely Whitney's Family

Aditya Nugraha Nurtantijo,
Silver Creek, NY, USA
 Thanksgiving's Day, 2010

Perbandingan Indonesia dan Amerika

Ada beberapa hal yang menarik buat dibandingin dari Indonesia dan Amerika, karena mungkin secara garis bujur kita bertolak belakang mungkin karena itu juga kita punya budaya yang bertolak belakang biarpun dalam beberapa hal sama

1. Indonesian eat rice, American eat bread & potato. Yep, kalo buat kita orang Indonesia nasi adalah hal yang paling utama, malah buat sebagian orang ada yang bilang belum makan kalo belum makan nasi hahaha tapi ya kenyataannya orang amerika cuma makan nasi kadang2 aja, roti adalah yang paling utama, mungkin roti di pizza adalah yang paling utama. Selain itu American love potatoes! Yeah, ini yang bikin saya masih bisa survive karena enak banget! I LOVE MASHED POTATOES!

2. Indonesian love cigarette and little bit of alcohol, American love alcohol and little bit of cigarette. Mungkin pertama kedengerannya aneh, tapi sebenernya emang gitu kenyataannya. Rasanya hampir semua temen saya di Indonesia ngerokok terutama yang cowok, biarpun saya enggak, dan ada beberapa yang saya tau minum2 alkohol, tapi kalo di Amerika itu kebalikannya, hampir semua orang minum alkohol dan cuma beberapa orang aja yang ngerokok, yang udah bener2 bandel bangetlah pokoknya.

3. Indonesian (or world probably) love soccer, American love football. Ya, olahraga yang satu ini emang nomer satu di Amerika dan emang terfokus disini. Salah satu alasan kenapa football gak bisa sepopuler soccer adalah karena football butuh biaya yang besar buat dimainkan sementara soccer modal bola plastik sama sendal jepit buat jadi gawang juga jadi. But American Football is my favorite sport! Yeahaha

4. Indonesian love jeroan, American love pork! Mungkin yang satu ini gak valid 100% banget karena gak semua orang Indonesia suka jeroan, tapi ya poinnya disini adalah dua2nya itu makanan yang sangat tidak sehat tapi sangat enak! Biarpun sebagian orang gak mau makannya karena jijik dan ngerasa gak enak banget badan habis makannya.

5. American is one step worst about sexual interaction and couple moral than Indonesia. Yang ini bener banget! Kalo di Indonesia kita salaman sama lawan jenis kan biasa aja, kalo di sini salamnya meluk. Peluk di Indonesia bernilai cium di Amerika. Jadi jangan kaget kalo salah satu dari kalian nanti exchange ke Amerika dan ngeliat ada temen kalian yang ciuman di sekolah waktu pisah kelas sama pacarnya, dan buat mereka ciuman sama yang bukan pacar juga bukan masalah besar (bukan berarti saya minta nyium mereka ya!). Juga sex di sini udah bukan hal yang aneh lagi, itu udah hal yang hampir semua orang lakuin, dan biasanya keluarga tau juga tapi ya biasa aja.

6. American girl is more "brave" than Indonesian girl. Eits bentar dulu, bukan maksudnya saya mau bilang kalo cewek Amerika lebih pemberani, tapi mereka lebih "berani" dalam artian lebih nekat dari cewek Indonesia. Salah satu hal yang paling ngagetin saya di sini adalah adanya sexting yaitu ngirim gambar foto diri sendiri telanjang dan dikirimin ke temen, bahkan di beberapa kasus dikirim ke banyak orang dan randomly! Itu salah satu hal yang ngagetin banget disini.

Hmmm mungkin segitu dulu deh buat perbandingannya, pasti nanti di jalan ada perbandingan yang lain lagi sih, tapi nanti aja ditulisnya, kalo semua ditulis disini sepi dong entar ini :D

Thank you for your time :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Football Banquet

Football, it's one of the most important things in my exchange year.

Yep, tips utama kalo kalian adalah exchange student, yang pertama kali harus kalian lakuin adalah MASUK SPORTS TEAM DI SEKOLAH KALIAN!
Terutama buat cowok, karena itu adalah kunci buat nyari temen, dan dengan dapetin temen kalian bakal dapetin banyak temen baru lagi. Juga karena kegiatan sports udah dimulai sebelum sekolah mulai, jadi waktu sekolah mulai kalian udah kenal beberapa orang dan itu bakal bikin sosialisasi kalian jadi jauh lebih gampang waktu sekolah mulai.

Hari senin tanggal 6 Desember 2010 lalu ada football banquet, whiches closing dinner for family and player after football season ended.

Kayak standar gathering di Amerika, dari pihak club nyediain roast beef, tapi semua orangtua yang dateng bawa dishes buat di-share sama yang lain. Habis itu kita langsung makan, orangtua dulu baru yang muda2.

Habis itu dipanggil pemain2 yang berprestasi di tiap angkatan, saya pastinya gak akan dipanggil karena kebayang biasanya parah senior paling enggak udah main 6 taun dan saya baru 3 bulan jadi gak level euy :D

Habis itu dipanggil satu persatu pemain, mulai dari Sophmore (10th grade), Junior (11th grade) dan akhirnya Senior (12th grade). Kita semua dikasih patch dari NYSAA sebagai tanda atlit, juga cd yang isinya video sama foto2 pertandingan.

Tapi buat para senior agak beda, berhubung itu tahun terakhir kita jadi emang senior selalu lebih istimewa. Pertama Coach Helmer cerita tentang pendapat dia tentang kita satu2, terus kita dapet kayak helm kecil gitu buat pajangan yang ada nomer jersey sama last name kita.

Tapi bagian paling mengagetkan adalah waktu pembagian bola. Coach bilang emang sayang dia gak bisa ngasih football buat semuanya, jadi cuma dikasih ke beberapa orang yang emang berjasa banget aja yaitu Frankie Sterlace, Cody Hehir, Andrew Lanphere, Roland Jimerson, Larry Kaminski dan Zach Williams. Saya ya pasrah karena emang tau gak cukup waktu buat bikin banyak banget jasa, tapi di akhir Coach Helmer ngeluarin bola yang ditanda-tanganin semua player, tadinya saya pikir itu buat ditaro di pajangan, tapi ternyata dia bilang "this football is for Adit, you always be with us"

Oh my god! That's the most amazing thing that I always wanted! Tadinya saya emang rencananya mau beli football dan minta tanda tangan semua pemain football, tapi ternyata mereka malah ngasih bola yang kita pake di Ralph Wilson Stadium (Tim NFL Buffalo Bills Stadium).

Habis itu saya bilang terimakasih sama coach, terus kita dapet 3 buah sertifikat sama jaket juga kaos Champion.

I promise I will tell the world that I played with the most amazing team in the world!

 Certificate from NY State


 Little Football Helmet

My Certificates

Football with Signature

 The Champions Shirt!