Monday, April 4, 2011

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, hmmm kayaknya emang gak sreg kalo tinggal di Western NY tapi gak pernah kesini. Yep, ini adalah air terjun terbesar di dunia (terbesar ya bukan tertinggi). Niagara Falls terbagi jadi dua yaitu Horseshoe Falls dan American Falls. Horseshoe mempunyai ketinggian sekitar 53 m dan American sekitar 30 m. Air yang jatuh di Niagara Falls ini rata-ratanya 1400 meter kubik per detik.

So anyway, Niagara Falls is a really pretty place. Waktu saya ke sana itu lagi Fall dan cuaca lumayan dingin, seandainya saya dateng lebih dulu sekitar Summer mungkin saya bakal bisa naik boat di bawah air terjun dan mendekat ke air terjunnya.

One interesting fact : Niagara Falls is officially American's, but it's prettier from Canadian side.

So, it's probably the best spot in WNY. If you going to Buffalo, or even my city Silver Creek! Don't forget to visit Niagara Falls :)

Football's Letter

I wrote this for AFS USA, because they trying to find a stories. It might be expired for now since but it's still a good feeling to remember what we've been through and make me feels appreciate more about myself.

There is one thing that I promise I will always tell future exchange students to do when they doing this, JOIN A SPORTS TEAM! Yeah, sport is the best thing that I got here, I can’t imagine my life without my football team. I’m hosted in Silver Creek, NY. I love American Football and all I want before I came here just watch the game and have fun, because I know most of American school doesn’t allowed Asian exchange student to join the football team, because it’s a tough sport and most Asian have small posture. But fortunately, I’m a big boy with willingness to try and get hit, so the coach allowed me to join the team, and here I am! American Football player!

           Why is it so important? Isn’t it just sport and just play and win or lost and that’s it? No, it’s more than that. Football is everything for me. I learn friendship, family, care, strong, teamwork, popularity, willingness and even love from Football. One special thing when you join a sport is you know somebody before the school start because usually sport season start before the school start. I remembered my first football practice and I can’t go practice because it’s Ramadan (fasting month for Moslem) and I’m fasting so I just come to watch the practice and the coach shake my hand and said, “Welcome to the team”, and then the players come to me and ask my name and we get along really well. When the school started, the football team are the one that always help me with everything, if I don’t know where to go, if I have some problem and also sit with me at lunch and I’m not even practice yet!

           Everything’s going well and finally after Ramadan end I can practice and I remembered how proud I am to wear the football helmet and proctector and go practice. And finally one day, it’s a home game versus Sherman and it’s 4th quarter, the coach said, “Adit, get in there!”, and I’m officially an American Football player since that second, a day that I will never forget in my life.

           We are pretty strong team so we keep going to the playoff and finally we have a sectional championship game at Ralph Wilson Stadium (Buffalo Bills Stadium). We played against Randolph, which is last year champion so it will be a tough opponent. But finally we won! After an amazing and really close game we won 21-14 and we are the champion of Western NY! Can you imagine how I felt? An ordinary guy that playing with rubber American football in Indonesia and all he wanted just watch a football game now a champion in an NFL team stadium! It was amazing and special day, the best day in my life, when my dreams come true.

           Unfortunately, I missed next game because I had to go to Virginia with my cluster for a trip, so all I can do just watch the game from the computer. And what a bump for me when I know that they lost the game, and the worst thing is I can’t be with my team in the last day of football this season.

           Later on, we have a banquet, a football banquet. Everyone come with their parents and of course I come with my hostmom. The Senior come up and the coach talked about each of us. He told me about a secret, that he didn’t expect me to do this good at all at first. When my host family asked him that there is an Indonesian exchange student that never play American football in my life and want to join the team but he can’t practice until for a month because he had to fast all he think just, “What am I supposed to do?”, so he just accept me to the team and he thought I just gonna be one of the player that just come to one practice and left because it’s too hard. But he said that, what he got is a student that really want to learn and never stop to try even thought he knew he’s not good enough to be a star player. And he said that if I was born in America, I would be a good Football player.  I just feel amazing and special, speechless. I don’t what I should say to him, he just the best coach in the world. But the excitement didn’t finish yet, they gave me a football with the entire team signature, and that’s 1 of 3 football that we used at Ralph Wilson Stadium. I just can’t ask for more, I love this place and I love my life. And when the trophy come, I see my name carved on it, forever. And at that moment I know, I’m not just exchange student for one year here. I am part of Silver Creek, and I will always love Silver Creek, and everytime they see the trophy they will remember that I’m always there.

Christmas Concert

A little flashback, back to Christmas 2010. I'm in the band high school band and I played as a percussionist. This song called Bandology and I played bass drum in this song. What a lovely day :)